Life Unfolds

Sweetly enough life decided to give me a front row seat to the arrival of these little guys. Recently, I noticed a bird built a nest in a container attached to my front porch. My front porch, sadly, is attached to a house being torn down to make way for new construction. Knowing the house was soon to be demolished, I wanted to see what could be done to save the nest, the birds.

Upon a quick surf of the net, I found PAWS Wildlife that helped me verify what type of species the birds were. The bird eggs were determined to be Dark Eyed Junco’s which are a federally protected species under the United States Migratory Bird Act. This means technically no-one can disturb or remove the nest. The birds have to be given the chance to incubate and hatch, nest, and with a little luck take flight!

So far, so good! Below is where they are now. Will they take flight before the demolition crew rolls in? Dunno, but I’m hopeful given they were laid on Easter Sunday. Perhaps a good sign! 🙂